Office of Finance and Operations

Welcome to the Office of Finance and Operations!   

Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, the Office of Finance and Operations manages financial operations and selected support services, develops the annual operating budget in collaboration with the Superintendent and his management team, processes payables and payroll, oversees compliance and financial reporting, purchasing, and the Capital Improvement Plan development. Working collaboratively with other administrators, the Office of Finance and Operations provides grant management oversight. In addition to overall financial oversight, the Office of Finance and Operations  is responsible for student transportation and food services.


The Waltham Public Schools budgeting process aims to allocate available financial resources to educate our students according to the prioritized needs of the district while following School Committee approved guidelines. View our operating budgets or learn about our budget development process.

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Waltham School Nutrition

Waltham School Nutrition is responsible for feeding the hungry minds of Waltham students every school day through our meal programs. Well trained team members serving attractive, nutritious and good tasting meals in a pleasant environment is an ongoing priority. Nutritional integrity of meals and nutrition education are focal points recently enhanced by our department. The types of foods we serve are consistent with the U.S Dietary Guidelines, and allowance is always provided for student preferences and tastes.

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Online Payment Information

NEW! The Waltham Public Schools now accepts online payments for Preschool Tuition, Building Rentals, Summer School, and Music Lessons.

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Integrated Preschool Tuition Q & A

This document will provide important information regarding tuition payments.

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Payroll & Benefits

The School Payroll Office is responsible for ensuring that all employees are paid regularly, accurately and promptly along with the related employee and employer taxes, deductions, and wage reporting.  This office also manages all benefits and maintains time and attendance records for all staff.

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Transportation is provided to eligible students according to state statute and School Committee guidelines, in a safe and timely fashion. Learn more about student transportation or request an MBTA student pass.

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