Transportation Services

It is recommended to have your children arrive at the bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to the pick up time as circumstances beyond our control could occasionally make the bus early or late. Be sure your children are dressed appropriately for what will likely be cold bus rides as windows on school buses must remain open to provide proper ventilation. Please be patient as the bus drivers are working hard to make sure your children arrive safely at school. Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to the Transportation Office

Our prime concern in creating routes and bus stops is to provide safe and efficient transportation for the school community. Central Office is responsible for the day-to-day functions and administration of all school bus services. Bus routes are based on student enrollment and eligibility and may vary each school year. Students are assigned to bus stops as determined by their residence and in order to ensure accountability for all our students, assigned buses and stops must be strictly adhered to. It is the district's practice that bus arrangements for eligible students are managed at the school building level and must be followed as the safety and security of our students is of utmost importance. Additional information is published in the Student Handbooks.

Student Transportation

How will my student get to and from school?
Per Waltham School Committee policy, school bus transportation will be provided for students as follows: 

  1. Grades K - 8: Students living more than one and one-half miles from school.

  2. Grades 9 - 12: Students living more than two miles from school.

School year 2021/2022 Bus Routes are posted. Please check carefully, as some previously district authorized bus stops have been moved or eliminated. If a student’s home to school distance falls below the transportation eligibility limits presented above, the student will be identified as a ‘walker’. The safety of our walking students is a top priority; therefore School Traffic Supervisors are located in areas determined by the Waltham Police Department in conjunction with the School Safety Officer and school principals. In order to ensure the safety of our walking students, School Traffic Supervisors are assigned at the locations designated and can be found here: School Traffic Supervisors Post Locations

Our intention is to promote a safe environment for all students and staff while riding the bus to and from school following COVID19 safety protocols. Parents and guardians are expected to provide age-appropriate supervision for their student(s) at the bus stop. Students waiting for, transported on, or leaving the school bus, are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with proper rules of conduct.

In order to protect the health and wellbeing of all our students we must all work together to ensure students are transported to and from school safely, along with bus drivers and monitors. 

Please review the following information and contact the Transportation Office if you have any questions.

  • Mask wearing on buses or vans are optional.

  • Eating and drinking are not allowed on buses.

  • Only authorized school staff are permitted to enter a school bus.

  • Capacity on large buses: 77 students; small buses: 28 students.

  • Elementary School students may sit 3 to a bench.

  • Middle and High School students may sit 2 to a bench.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Transportation Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact: / 781-314-5422.

Click on the links below to view the bus routes. Adjustments to route start times and bus stops that changed since the start of the school year are reflected in the revised version.

2021-2022 Waltham Public School Bus Routes-REVISED 10/25/2021

2021-2022 Our Lady's Academy Bus Routes-REVISED 10/25/2021

School Traffic Supervisors
2021-2022 Post Locations

MBTA Student Pass Program
MBTA Student Pass Request

Emergency Medical Plan

The school bus is considered an extension of the classroom. Due to allergies and other health concerns, eating or drinking is NOT ALLOWED on the bus. If your child has a medical condition, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide a School Bus Emergency Medical form with an action plan for the student to the bus driver. 

School Bus Emergency Medical Information.pdf

Información Medica de Emergencia Autobús Escolar.pdf

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