Challenge Intervention

Challenge intervention provides equitable access to advanced students in grades 3-5 by engaging them in a more complex standards-aligned curriculum and instruction that allows for deeper levels of thinking and opportunities to apply their knowledge beyond grade level expectations. Waltham Public School’s Challenge intervention follows the district’s comprehensive MTSS or multi-tiered support system, which offers targeted intervention to students at all academic levels on a continuum. Students have ample opportunities to practice and acquire interdisciplinary academic skills through a targeted tiered support system by aligning with the district’s diagnostic results in the fall, winter, and spring cycles. Students receive tier-2 support as they maintain demonstrating the need for this type of intervention. Multi-Tiered System of Support Blueprint 

Progress-Monitoring Cycles

Progress Monitoring System


Students receive tier-2 Challenge intervention based on grade-level academic evidence.


Students either continue or exit when they demonstrate not needing additional Challenge intervention during the upcoming cycle.


Students may return to tier-2 Challenge intervention during the following cycles as needed.

The Massachusetts standards-based curriculum used by Challenge intervention is an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary, and student-centered system designed to help students explore topics at deeper levels of thinking while allowing them to grow both academically and socially. Students’ prior knowledge is activated as they use their critical thinking skills to discuss topics, take perspective, communicate, and work collaboratively and creatively. This system is built  upon mastery of the fundamental skills students learn in their current grade levels.

Math Olympiad is also offered in partnership with Challenge intervention and runs as an enrichment after school between October and March at each elementary and middle school where a Math Olympiads coach is available. Nominated math enthusiasts are invited to attend and participate in monthly Math Olympiad contests. To learn more, visit