Caution Tape

Waltham Police Traffic Advisory Update Graphic


Due to the ongoing MWRA water main project on Lexington Street, the Waltham police have added officers to help facilitate traffic that we anticipate due to the start of school next week. The established detour route will remain the same, northbound lane on Lexington Street only from Piety Corner to Jack’s Way, Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5PM.

Officers will continue to be stationed along the project route as well as being added to the exit and entrance to the High School / Kennedy Middle School on Lexington Street.

Officers will be moved as needed to accommodate for any traffic issues that may arise.

Travelers who need access to the YMCA, the Waltham High School, or the Kennedy Middle School will be able to access those properties from either direction on Lexington Street, southbound or northbound.

To accommodate buses that need to transport students returning home south of Piety Corner the following will occur:

  • A detail officer will pull out the buses from the High School and the Kennedy Middle School and allow those buses needing access to the south side of the city a clear path southbound on Lexington Street through Piety Corner.

Northbound traffic will be temporarily stopped at Piety Corner while this is happening.

The southbound exemption is for buses only.

The southbound bus convoy will be allowed to travel south on Lexington Street through Piety Corner unimpeded. Once the convoy is out of Piety Corner, northbound traffic will resume.

Safe Walking Route

Please see the graphic to the right for more information on safe routes for students that are walking from the section on the map in highlight to Waltham High School or Kennedy Middle School. These students will be assisted by 8 Police Detail Officers along the walking route.

Message from The Waltham Police Department
September 2023

The Waltham Police Department recognizes the frustration that accompanies the delays and detours that motorists must take in relation to the MWRA project on Lexington Street. With school back in session, we are urging all drivers to be more alert on the road to ensure the safety of students, motorists, pedestrians and all who use our roadways. Below are some factors to consider when operating your vehicle:

Slow down -Adhere to speed limits and be aware of the change in speed limits in school zone areas. By slowing down, you are doing your part in keeping others, as well as yourself, from getting hurt.

Eliminate distractions - Staying focused on the roadway is not only your responsibility, it's the law. Refrain from texting or using the phone while operating a vehicle. People often cross the road unexpectedly and may emerge suddenly from between parked vehicles. Research shows that taking your eyes off the road for merely two seconds doubles your chances of crashing.

Reverse responsibly - Every vehicle has blind spots -Check for people who may be around your vehicle, on the sidewalk or driveway before slowly backing up. Keep your radio at a volume that allows you to hear other vehicle horns or voices that may be trying to alert you.

Come to a complete stop - Research demonstrates that more than one-third of drivers roll through stop signs in school zones and neighborhoods. Always bring your vehicle to a complete stop, checking carefully for people on sidewalks and in crosswalks, before proceeding.

Watch for bicycles -Bicyclists may be inexperienced, unsteady, and unpredictable. More importantly, they may not be aware of approaching vehicles. Slow down and allow at least four feet of passing distance between your vehicle and the bicycle.

The Waltham Police Department is committed to the safety of our students and residents. By following these suggestions and obeying all the rules of the road, you are doing your part in keeping our roadways safe. We will be enforcing traffic laws in the area throughout the school year and appreciate your cooperation in maintaining public safety.

Piety Corner Construction Project Safe Walking Route

Safe Walking Route to Kennedy & WHS

Caution Tape Graphic

Eastern Bus

Welcome Back!

As we prepare for the start of the new school year, we want to provide you with important information regarding the Lexington Street and the Totten Pond Road construction projects that will impact many of our bus routes. We understand the significance of smooth transportation for our students, and we want to keep you informed about changes that may affect your child's daily commute.

To provide you with the most up-to-date information about road construction projects and any associated traffic alerts, we encourage you to visit the City of Waltham Traffic Engineering page for updates and alerts including those related to the MWRA Water Main Project - Lexington Street. and Piety Corner Redesign road construction projects.

Road Construction on Lexington Street: What You Need to Know

The road construction project currently underway on Lexington Street will have an impact on many bus routes and on arrival and dismissal times districtwide. We recognize that navigating traffic patterns during construction can be challenging, and we are working diligently with our School Safety Officer, transportation providers, and schools to minimize disruptions to our students' transportation.

Changes in Bus Routes and Arrival/Dismissal Times

We are taking every step possible to ensure a safe and efficient commute for your child, however certain bus routes may experience modifications to their schedule. We understand that these changes might cause some adjustments to your daily routines, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period.

School Safety Officer

Your Understanding Matters

We understand that road construction can be inconvenient and we want to assure you that we are committed to ensuring the best possible transportation experience for our students. Your patience, understanding, and cooperation are invaluable as we navigate through these temporary challenges together.

The first few weeks of a new school year are hectic. Please have your children at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the posted route start time as the bus may be running a few minutes early or late as the drivers are becoming familiar with the stops and students.

Please visit the district's Transportation Services page for information regarding:

  • Student Transportation Eligibility

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Emergency Medical Plans

  • School Traffic Supervisor Posts

  • MBTA Student Pass Program

  • Late Bus Routes

  • Transportation Vendors

Thank you for entrusting us with your child's transportation needs. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Transportation Office by email or leave a message at 781-314-5422, and we will respond to you within 24 hours . We are here to provide support to you and your child throughout this process.

Route Sheet Graphic

Routes that have been modified are highlighted in yellow .

Schools with Updated Bus Routes

Below are the routes that were modified listed below by school.

Waltham High School

Kennedy Middle School

McDevitt Middle School

Dual Language School

Northeast Elementary School

Plympton Elementary School

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