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Our WPS Systems
Our WPS Systems


Used For: Communicating with families, students, staff

Link: From WPS/school website (PlusPortals Login in upper right)

Login: email (@k12), password

TeacherPlus Gradebooks

Used For: Attendance, assessment records, student data

Link: From WPS/school website (PlusPortals Login in upper right)

Login: email (@k12), password

Absence Management (AESOP)

Used For: Substitute requests

Link: Absence Management

Login: phone # and 4-digit PIN


Used For: Assessment and Achievement Tracking


Login: coming soon!


Used For: Literacy and Math Interim Assessments and Planning

Link: Achievement Network

Login: email (@k12) and password


Used For: Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development Requests

Link: TeachPoint Login

Login: waltham (lower-case w!), firstnamelastname, password

WPS Email (Web)

Link: WPS WebMail

Login: wpsnet\firstnamelastname, password

Google Email/Drive/Calendar


Login:, password

TeacherPlus Gradebook and Portal Resources
TeacherPlus Gradebook and Portal Resources

TeacherPlus Gradebooks are coming our way in Fall 2016 for all teachers, from kindergarten through high school! These gradebooks will be a great way to keep track of student progress and share student performance with parents. Parents will very much appreciate regular updates about how their students are doing, and the Gradebooks will give you a way to monitor and track student progress. 

Click Here for Help using the TeacherPlus Gradebooks

Click Here for Help using the TeacherPlus Portals - User Guide

Click Here for Help using the TeacherPlus Portals - Videos

You can navigate to these pages from within the gradebook by clicking on the question mark in the upper right, or from the portals by clicking on "help" in the upper right.

Teacher Chromebook Resources
Teacher Chromebook Resources

Signing out a Chromebook Cart for your Classroom

Want to use a Chromebook Cart at your school for a class project? Follow the instructions in the video to add the Chromebook Calendars to your Google Calendar and to reserve the cart for your classroom. 

To view the calendars for Chromebook Carts in your school, you will need to add these calendars to your Google Calendar. Click to view a screencast showing you how to add public WPS calendars to your Google Calendar.

Setting up a Chromebook Cart

To set up the Chromebook Cart, you will need to first wheel the cart into your room and then unlock it, keeping the keys with the cart when it is unlocked. You will then need to plug in three cables:

  • Power cable for the wifi access point. 
  • Power cable for the cart.
  • Ethernet cable for the wifi access point.

Classroom Management with Chromebooks

Our four WPS Principles for Positive Classroom Technology:

  1. Print and display a copy of the WPS Digital Citizenship Student Contract in your classroom. Discuss the contract with your students and have them sign it at the start of the year!
  2. Keep the language around devices positive. Review what students SHOULD DO with the Chromebooks before and during the lesson. Avoid language that tells them what they shouldn't do unless a teachable moment arises.
  3. Embrace teachable moments. If someone is doing something they shouldn't on a device, take the opportunity for a whole-class or one-on-one discussion, depending on the situation. Do not let poor device behavior slide, but instead of punishment, make it a learning opportunity!
  4. Practice "screens down." When the focus needs to be somewhere other than the device, have students tilt their screens down and tell them where to direct their attention.

Library Resources

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Welcome to our Teacher TechHelp Area! Explore for resources related to teacher learning and use of our WPS Technologies in the classroom. And remember; if you ever need assistance, contact HELP!

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