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Contact/Staff List

Report a student absence: 781-314-5770

Main Office:  781-314-5760
Nurse's Office:  781-314-5763

To email a staff member, use the format Replace Firstname and Lastname with the name of the staff member.


Stephen Duffy
(781) 314-5761
Amanda Brennan
Assistant Principal
(781) 314-5765

Office Staff

Meghan Conneely
(781) 314-5760
Sharon Duquette, BSN, RN, NCSN
(781) 314-5763
Taylor Johnson
School Adjustment Counselor
Deborah Barry
School Adjustment Counselor
Joyce Abraham
School Psychologist
Danielle Henderson
School Resource Officer


Jennifer McClary
Kindergarten Teacher
Theresa Leonelli (on leave)
Kindergarten Teacher
Emma Cardarelli
Kindergarten Teacher (Long Term Substitute)
Erica Silva
Kindergarten Teacher (Waltham Schools Online 2020-2021)

First Grade

Jean Carlson
First Grade Teacher
Kristen Libertini
First Grade Teacher
Kayla Rossetti
First Grade Teacher
Cindy Sherman
First Grade Taecher (FitzGerald 2020-2021)
Danielle Sweder
First Grade Teacher (Waltham Schools Online 2020-2021)

Second Grade

Kerrie Blanchard
Second Grade Teacher
Christine Devane
Second Grade Teacher (on leave)
Bianca Bird
Second Grade Teacher (Long Term Substitute)
Nicole Gray
Second Grate Teacher (FitzGerald 2020-2021)
Megan Nadeau
Second Grade Teacher
Holly Ferguson
Second Grade Teacher (FitzGerald 2020-2021)
Anatasia Sosorodjojo
Second Grade Teacher (Waltham Schools Online 2020-2021)

Third Grade

Roni Sue Bower
Third Grade Teacher
Lisa Marie Smith
Third Grade Teacher
Ava Tate
Third Grade Teacher
Jillian Williams
Third Grade Teacher (Waltham Schools Online 2020-2021)

Fourth Grade

Evelyn Gray
Fourth Grade Teacher
Michelle Hache
Fourth Grade Teacher
Danielle Abcunas
Fourth Grade Teacher (Waltham Schools Online 2020-2021)

Fifth Grade

Melissa Egirous
Fifth Grade Teacher
Pamela Logue
Fifth Grade Teacher
Kelly O'Brien
Fifth Grade Teacher
Wendy Plummer
Fifth Grade Teacher
Judi Fitts
Fifth Grade Teacher (Waltham Schools Online 2020-20201)

English and Language Arts

Anne Curry
Literacy Coach
Jeanne Marois
Reading Specialist
Mary Sprogell
Reading Specialist (Dual Language for 2020-2021)

Math and Challenge

Elsa Aviza-Oberg
Math Coach
Ellery Scott
Challenge Teacher

English Language Learning

Carla McCormick
English Language Learning, Grades K and 1
Rebecca Carlin
English Language Learning, Grades 2 and 3
Melissa Hagan-Alves
English Language Learning, Grades 4 and 5
Evely Amezquita
English Language Learning, Paraprofessional
Margarita Grande
English Language Learning, Paraprofessional

Special Education

Meredith Lee
Education Team Leader
Holly Carmody
Special Education, Grades K and 1 (on leave)
Kathleen Griffin
Special Education, Grades K and 1 (Long Term Substitute)
Chelsea Shaughnessy
Special Education, Grades 2 and 3
Sandra Snow
Special Education, Grades 4 and 5
Sally Spagnuolo
Special Education, Paraprofessional, Grades K and 1
Jessica Valente
Special Education, Paraprofessional, Grades 2 and 3
Diane Poirier
Special Education, Paraprofessional, Grade 4
Rosemarie Arruda
Special Education, Paraprofessional, Grade 5
Kelly-Ann Romano
Bridge Program, Grades K and 1
Danielle DelGreco
Bridge Program, Grades 2 and 3
Sydney Stepeck
Bridge Program, Grades 4 and 5
Katie Bates
Bridge Program, Paraprofessional, Grades K and 1
Noelle Daly
Bridge Program, Paraprofessional, Grade 2
Pat Cormier
Bridge Program, Paraprofessional, Grade 3
Angela Caruso
Bridge Program, Paraprofessional, Grade 4
Linda Bontempo
Bridge Program, Paraprofessional, Grade 5
Tamsyn Kenyon
Speech and Language
Kerry Peterson
Occupational Therapist


Lakyn Arrick
Drama Teacher
Wendy Fournier
Art Teacher
Alec Sennott
Music Teacher
Howard Rock
Physical Education Teacher
Nikolas Valley
Science Teacher
Elizabeth Halley
Library Teacher
Zachary Kolar
Digital Learning Teacher
Kevin Burke
Band Teacher
Yank'l Garcia
Strings Teacher
Steven Fulginiti
Instrument Teacher

Building Staff

Donna Butler
Cafeteria Manager
Karin Clougher
Cafeteria Staff
Cafeteria Staff
Cafeteria Staff
John Biddy
Head Custodian
Thomas Muizulis
Gary Romancewicz
Ken McClusky
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