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Special Education

Welcome to Pupil Personnel Services

Home to Special Education, Guidance, and Nursing services for our Waltham Public Schools students, dedicated to educating and supporting the whole child.

The Waltham Public Schools Special Education Department is responsible for making sure that our 1000 students with special education needs successfully access the general education curriculum with the support of specialized instruction and support services. Our students, who range in age from 3 to 22 years old and are in grades Pre-K through post grade 12, have learning needs that are met in the least restrictive educational environment as possible. Specialized programs are found in each building.

Special Education Leadership Team

Dr. Nadene Stein
Administrator of Pupil Personnel Services
(781) 314-5428
(781) 314-5550
Julie DiMatteo
Assistant Director of Special Education, Elementary
(781) 314-5587
(781) 314-5550
Lynn Summerill
Assistant Director of Special Education, Secondary
(781) 314-5429
(781) 314-5550

Special Education Evaluation Team Leaders (ETLs) 

AJ Barillario
Waltham High School Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-6464
Alyssa Bourque
Waltham High School Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5437
Michael McLeod
Kennedy Middle School Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5536
Lauren Harpham
McDevitt Middle School Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5636
Julie Doane
PreK Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5653
Thomas Carco
Dual Language Evaluation Team Leader
+7813 (145) 440-5701 ext. 6466.
Anne Combs
Fitzgerald Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5693
Mary Austin
MacArthur Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5732
Shannon Williams
Northeast Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5676
Meredith Lee
Plympton Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5769
Denise Loranger
Stanley Elementary School Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5735
Sophie Prevost
Whittemore Elementary School Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5648
Sandra Curnick
Out of District Programs Evaluation Team Leader
(781) 314-5433

Waltham Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The WSEPAC is a state mandated and supported advisory group comprised of parents, guardians, teachers and administrators working in partnership to promote an innovative environment where children with learning challenges have equal access to educational opportunities, while ensuring that our schools strive to improve educational outcomes for all children. Contact us at 

Waltham Public Schools Child Find Information

Waltham Public Schools Child Find Information

The Waltham Public Schools recognizes its responsibility to provide a free and appropriate public education to eligible students with disabilities within its geographical boundaries.  The District has a "child find" process that is designed to locate, identify and evaluate children with disabilities residing within its geographical boundaries preschool through grade 12 or through age 22 if they have not received a high school diploma.

If you know a child who lives within the boundaries of the Waltham Public Schools and attends school in the District who may be in the need of special education and/or related services, please contact the District's Special Education Office for further information regarding the referral and evaluation process.  If the student is a school age student who attends a non-public private school that is not located within Waltham’s geographical boundaries, the student may need to be referred to the school district in which the non-public school is located in order to receive services during the regular school year.  Please contact that school district for information regarding time deadlines for requests for services. 

Waltham Public School’s Child Find process extends to students with physical or mental impairments that substantially limit a major life activity.  Such students may be eligible for services or accommodations pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Section 504 is a Federal civil rights statute that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities and programs receiving Federal financial assistance.  Please contact your child's school’s principal for more information regarding Section 504 eligibility and services. 

Become a member of the WalthamSEPAC

Membership is open to all interested parties; voting membership is limited to parents or guardians of special needs students residing in Waltham with or without and IEP or 504 Plan, as well as students over the age of 14.

For complete details on becoming a member of WSEPAC, you may read the brochure in its entirety here in Englishen Español, and Creole.

WSEPAC Announcements 

A message from the Special Education Department. Please  take good care!
Un mensaje del Departmento de Educacion Especial. Por favor ten mucho cuidado!
Yon mesaj man Depatman Edikasyon Espesyai. Tanpri pran bon swen! 

Feeling stressed? Isolated? Overwhelmed? Join a SEPAC Parent Support Group Meeting! SEPAC will be teaming up with Katie Willard, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and School Adjustment Counselor within the district will help facilitate conversations between parents during this difficult time. The focus of the group is to create a space where parents can share openly regarding their experiences with the COVID pandemic and receive support from their peers. The group will meet virtually biweekly on Thursdays between 7-8PM. If you are interested please email for more details. 


¿Sentirse estresado? ¿Aislado? ¿Abrumado? ¡Únase a una reunión del grupo de apoyo para padres de SEPAC! SEPAC se asociará con Katie Willard, una trabajadora social clínica independiente con licencia y consejera de ajuste escolar dentro del distrito, ayudará a facilitar las conversaciones entre los padres durante este momento difícil. El enfoque del grupo es crear un espacio donde los padres puedan compartir abiertamente sobre sus experiencias con la pandemia de COVID y recibir el apoyo de sus compañeros. El grupo se reunirá virtualmente cada dos semanas los jueves entre las 7 y las 8 p.m. Si está interesado, envíe un correo electrónico a para obtener más detalles.. 


Santi w ensiste? Izole? Akable? Rantre nan yon reyinyon gwoup sipò pou paran SEPAC! SEPAC pral konbine avèk Katie Willard, yon Travayè Sosyal pou Klinik Endepandan ki Gen Lisans ak yon Konseye Ajisteman Lekòl nan distri a pral ede fasilite konvèsasyon ant paran yo pandan tan difisil sa a. Konsantre nan gwoup la se kreye yon espas kote paran yo ka pataje ouvètman konsènan eksperyans yo ak pandemi COVID epi resevwa sipò nan men kamarad yo. Gwoup la pral rankontre nòmalman de chak semèn jedi ant 7-8PM. Si ou enterese tanpri imèl pou plis detay.

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