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Click Here for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) District Updates

Schools are closed beginning on Friday, March 13 and extending until at least Monday, May 4.  


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Page

We will routinely update this page with information and resources for the Waltham community and our students; check back frequently. 

Social Distancing

We strongly urge all members of the Waltham community to immediately engage in social distancing. If you are not feeling well, please do not leave your home. If you are able to work from home, please do so. If you must leave your home, wash your hands frequently and avoid "high-touch" areas. Keep your children at home and away from other children. We know this is very challenging, especially for kids who want to be with their peers, and we are working on options for organizing virtual socialization opportunities for students and will be posting updates here. 

COVID-19: What is isolation, quarantine and self-observation?

Meals for Students

FREE Grab-and-go meals are available for all students at the following locations and times on Mondays.

Lunch 11:30am-1:00pm Mondays Only starting 3/30/20

McDevitt Middle School, 75 Church St, Waltham, MA 02452

Lunch 11:30am-12:00pm Monday - Friday starting 4/6/20

Chesterbrook Gardens Housing: 22 Brookway Road

Prospect Hill Housing: 2 Hansen Road

Home Suites Inn: 455 Totten Pond Road is Closed as of 4/7/20

Dinner 5:00pm-5:30pm Monday - Friday starting 4/6/20

Gilmore Park, 90 Hall Street, Waltham, MA

Prospect Hill Community Center, 42 Hansen Road, Waltham. MA

Chesterbrook Gardens, 25 Chester Lane, Waltham, MA


Students will not be allowed to linger or socialize when they pick up their meals. See additional flyers below about meal services for students.

Supporting your Child with COVID-19

Here are a few resources and articles to help you discuss this challenging topic with your child:

Additional Community Support

We are working with organizations across the city to organize grocery donations and drives. It is important that we do this methodically and carefully so as not to exacerbate the spread of the virus. Please click here for information about how you can help from WATCH CDC. Remember: the best way to help is through engaging in social distancing! Thank you for the outpouring of support and willingness to volunteer that we have already received!

Additional FOOD Assistance
There are many places in Waltham to get free food- pre-made meals or groceries. Please see our resource guide- this guide is updated daily at: Watch CDC
Hay muchas fuentes para comidas y comestibles gratuitos en Waltham. Consulte nuestra guía de recursos: esta guía se actualiza diariamente en: Watch CDC


Rental Assistance

Ayuda para pagar alquilar
La solicitud de fondos de Asistencia de Emergencia para Alquiler ya está disponible para los hogares afectados por el Covid-19 en Waltham.
El programas no pregunta por su estatus migratorio.
Llame al 781-314-3386 y deje su nombre y número de teléfono en el correo de voz y nos comunicaremos con usted o puede enviar un correo electrónico a Aplicaciones disponibles en español.
El Programa RAFT (Asistencia Residencial para Familias en Transición por sus siglas en Inglés) es un programa de prevención de falta de vivienda financiado por el Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Comunitario (DHCD). RAFT proporciona asistencia financiera a corto plazo a familias de bajos ingresos que no tienen hogar o que corren el riesgo de quedarse sin hogar o ser desalojados. Solicite RAFT aquí, lo antes posible. Metro Housing Boston 
Estos dos programas no pregunta por su estatus migratorio. La ayuda ofrecida por estes programas NO SE CONSIDERA una "carga pública" para propósitos migratorios

Online / Extended Learning

We cannot expect our families to fully “replace” what would happen during a regular school day, and we have not prepared our students to engage in entirely self-directed learning. Furthermore, all of our families are experiencing hardships because of the current situation, and we do not want to further burden families with unrealistic expectations. That said, we do expect the following:

  1. We expect all students to engage in some component of their school’s remote learning approach. 

  2. Per guidance from the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education, we are expecting that all students engage meaningfully with content for approximately half of the regular school day (3.5 hours). This does not mean students are online in live classes for all of those hours, but that students are doing a mix of live interaction with teachers and completing academic work for this amount of time each day.

  3. We expect all students to choose those remote learning options that are best for them and their families. Schools and teachers have been encouraged to provide options. 

  4. We expect all students, as they are able, to engage in meaningful learning for approximately half of a typical school day.

We will follow up with students who do not engage in remote learning to see if they or their families need additional resources or are experiencing challenges that make accessing schoolwork impossible for them at this time, and we will grant exceptions to the above expectations in those instances. Please see the 4/3/20 Extended Learning Plans below for complete details.


Waltham Public Schools Grab and Go Meals 


Community Messages

Below, you will find all communications from the Waltham Public Schools related to COVID-19. 

Latest Updates

4-07-20 Community Updates, English

4-07-20 Community Updates, Spanish

4-07-20 Community Updates, Haitian Creole

4-07-20 Community Updates, Portuguese


4-03-20 Community Updates, English

4-03-20 Community Updates, Spanish

4-03-20 Community Updates, Haitian Creole

4-03-20 Community Updates, Portuguese


4-01-20 Community Update, English

4-01-20 Community Update, Spanish


4-01-20 Community Updates (WPS Health Services), English

4-01-20 Community Updates (WPS Health Services), Spanish

4-01-20 Community Updates (WPS Health Services), Haitian Creole

4-01-20 Community Updates (WPS Health Services), Portuguese


3-30-20 Community Updates, English

3-30-20 Community Updates, Spanish


3-26-20 Community Updates, English

3-26-20 Community Updates, Spanish

3-26-20 Community Updates, Portuguese


3-25-20 Community Updates (ELL Department), English

3-25-20 Community Updates (ELL Department), Spanish

3-25-20 Community Updates (ELL Department), Haitian Creole


3-24-20 Community Updates Special Ed. Department, English

3-24-20 Community Updates Special Ed. Department, Spanish

3-24-20 Community Updates Special Ed. Department, Haitian Creole


3-23-2020 Community Update, English

3-23-2020 Community Update, Spanish

3-23-2020 Community Update, Haitian Creole


3-18-2020 COVID-19 Update, English

3-18-2020 COVID-19 Update, Spanish

3-18-2020 COVID-19 Update, Haitian Creole


3-16-2020 COVID-19 Update, English

3-16-2020 COVID-19 Update, Español

3-16-2020 COVID-19 Update, Haitian Creole

3-16-2020 COVID-19 Update, Portuguese


3-13-2020 COVID-19 Update, English

3-13-2020 COVID-19 Update, Español

3-13-2020 COVID-19 Update, Haitian Creole

3-13-2020 COVID-19 Update, Portuguese


3-12-2020 COVID-19 Update, English

3-12-2020 COVID-19 Update, Español

3-12-2020 COVID-19 Update, Haitian Creole

3-12-2020 COVID-19 Update, Portuguese


3-11-2020 COVID-19 Update, English

3-11-2020 COVID-19 Update, Español

3-11-2020 COVID-19 Update, Haitian Creole

3-11-2020 COVID-19 Update, Portuguese


3-10-2020 COVID-19 Notice, English

3-10-2020 COVID-19 Notice, Español


3-9-2020 All City Postponed, English

3-9-2020 All City Postponed, Spanish


3-5-2020 Community Letter, English

3-2-2020 Community Update, English

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