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Superintendent's Artist Spotlight

Ryan W. Grade 7 Kennedy Middle School
Photo Credit: Ryan W.
Ryan W. Grade 7 Kennedy Middle School

 African Animal Boxes

Grade 7 Kennedy Middle School

Mrs. Bourque-Art Specialist

Grade 7 student artists were tasked to create a three dimensional box with African animal features by using both slab and hand-building techniques appropriate to ceramics.

After researching animals indigenous to Africa and making several thumbnail sketches that lead to a final 2-D draft, they began their 3-D creations following the rules and procedures of clay work.

Using specific measurements for the slab work box portion and assembly of such, they used the ‘slip and score’ method to adhere their hand-built animal elements to the box portion. The works were then fired in the kiln to bring them from a green-ware state to a bisque-ware one. After this process they used under glazes to add color and then applied a gloss glaze to achieve a shiny glass surface, all finalized after one last kiln firing.

This process included and aligned with, but was not limited to, the following MA Curriculum Standards for Visual Art:

1.5; 1.7; 2.7; 2.10; 2.11; 3.4; 3.7; 4.8.

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