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Superintendent's Artist Spotlight


Lola Abel

Grade 8, Kennedy Middle School

Grade 8 Kennedy Middle School artists were tasked with creating design work through printmaking processes. They learned and used Relief Printmaking; Subtractive Printmaking, and Additive Collography Printmaking.

Relief Printmaking is a process of prints made directly from organic items. These students used both Hydrangea and Hosta leaves and created beautiful prints with detailed vein imagery.

Subtractive Printmaking, the process used in our display, involves artists taking away surface planes by indenting and drawing into foam plates.  The print lends to these indentations remaining the color of the paper used as the ink does not fall into those areas. It is a primarily linear process.

Additive Printmaking, also known as Collography, involves adding texture to a print plate by gluing on objects and drawing with liquid adhesive.  The build-up surfaces accept the ink and create a print that is made from the additives.

Artists were required to prepare for all processes by drawing thumbnail sketches and final drafts before creating their printing plates. They were taught the appropriate processes of rolling out ink, inking a plate, and burnishing/pressing out a print. They also were instructed on the proper process of creating a print plate. Their prints were treated professionally with regard to adding sequential print numbers and artist signature.

This project aligns with but is not limited to the following MA Curriculum Standards for Middle School Visual Arts:

1.5; 1.6; 1.7; 2.9; 2.11; 3.6; 4.4; 4.5; 4.6; 4.7; 4.8 

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