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Students at the Stanley Elementary School Celebrate The International Day of Peace

Students Marching in the Peace Parade

On Thursday, September 20th students and teachers at Stanley gathered in the gym for their first all-school assembly of the 2018-2019 school year. They gathered not only to discuss September’s core value of “TEAMWORK,” sing the Stanley School song, or celebrate September birthdays as they usually do each month. This assembly was special and excitement could be felt throughout the gym. Signs for PEACE covered the floor space in front of where the children sat. “Today we will celebrate our right to peace!” Principal Hacker announced. And a cheer went up through the crowd.


The International Day of Peace is observed worldwide on September 21st, but at Stanley it has special meaning to its students and staff. This event is organized by school adjustment counselor, Priscilla Walsh-Picardi, and third grade teachers Lisa Knox and Abigail Berman. And it has been a Stanley tradition for the last three years.


Students at Stanley participate in the day of peace in various ways. Multiple grade levels read books about peace and talk about what peace means to them. The fifth graders are actually reading and analyzing the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and making connections between this document and other texts and the world. Many of the students made posters to express their individual thoughts about peace. All students marched in the parade.


After Mrs. Hacker’s announcement to start the parade, each grade level marched out the side door and across the front of the school. The students paraded happily carrying hand drawn flags and posters to the Stanley playground area known as “the Earth.” Messages such as “Be Kind,” “Respect Each Other” and more were colorfully visible to all. As the students arrived at the circular area, teachers directed the students to sit so that their bodies formed a GIANT peace sign. A perfect way to end our celebration.

For more information about the International Day of Peace click here

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