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In Physical Education class, we are in the middle of our Invasion Games Unit.  We are focusing on the importance of communication during game play.  Next, we will move onto our third installment of Fitness Assessments.  We hope that the Activity Tracker helps or keep students in the Healthy Fitness Zone for the Pacer Test.  Students will also participate in Volleyball, and the ever popular Giant Swing.

We hope to see you on Curriculum night, April 12th.  If you would like to experience the Giant Swing, please dress appropriately.

Tech Ed

7th Grade students are starting the bridge design unit.

8th grade students are finishing up their game design units.

Games will be on display on April 12th Curriculum night!


The McDevitt Orchestra meets twice during the six day cycle with those participating in chorus coming once a cycle.  Classes are divided by grade and always meet during A block.  We work on skill building while also practicing music for our many concerts over the year.  Our winter concert will take place on December 13, 2017 at McDevitt Middle School auditorium.  This concert begins at 7pm and students usually are asked to arrive by 6:15 in order to tune and warm-up.



McDevitt 6th grades have been exploring symbolism and creating wire sculptures symbolic of an important person each student chose. After looking at and dissecting the work of artists David Huffman and Louise Bourgeois, students chose a person that is important to them and generated drawn symbols representative of them. The students then brought their drawings to life using wire, focusing on form, balance, and various other elements of sculpture.


McDevitt 7th graders have been exploring symbolism in art and in the context of society. After looking at and dissecting the works of artists David Huffman, Louise Bourgeois, and Jim Shaw, students generated drawn symbols representative of themselves, considering identity and culture. Students mixed their own colors, considering how colors can be used symbolically, and painted their symbols onto cardboard. The next step of the project is for students to create a backdrop for their symbols which we be a painting of how they see the world, considering symbolism and issues/successes in society.  


McDevitt 8th graders have been creating clay chalices and learning the technique of sgraffito. Inspiration for the project has been drawn from artists David Huffman, Jim Shaw, Louise Bourgeois, and Kathy King. Students have learned how to make a cup using either coiling or the pinch-pot technique and attached their cup to their stem and base using slip and scoring. Each student has identified three goals for themselves: one regarding art, one regarding school but outside of art, and one outside of school. The chalices will be decorated with symbols representative of their goals and each time a student accomplishes one of their goals our entire class will make a toast to their accomplishment with chalices in hand filled with either apple juice, candy, mini prizes, etc. 


There’s lots of things going on in the music department. The Band, orchestra, and chorus are starting work for their winter concert coming up in December.  In the general music classes,  6th and 7th graders are learning how to use Soundtrap on their Chromebooks to create and perform music.  The 7th graders have been composing songs using dice, based off of an old game Mozart created. The 8th grade music classes are playing guitar and will be composing their own blues melodies.  There’s lots of great music the students are creating.  Ask them to show you some of their amazing work!


During September, all health education students learned about the 3 dimensions of health and we focused on some nationalhealth standards. Using different lessons, all grades learned about goal setting, healthy decision making and the importance of valid health resources. They explored their new challenge program and how to access relevant health information. During the next month, all grades will focus on bullying prevention with an emphasis on cyber bullying and internet safety. 

Fine Arts

Nicholas Goodhue - Art Teacher 

Gerald Goolkasian - Art Teacher (6th Grade)

Jason Ciccariello - Technology Engineering Teacher 

Allison McCrary - Technology Literacy 


Performing Arts

Ilene Ackerman - Band Teacher 

Jennifer Vento - Drama Teacher

Carolyn Jepsen - Drama Teacher

Thomas Cincotta - Chorus Teacher

Kevin Coyne - Music Teacher

Julie Souza - Orchestra Teacher

Physical Education / Health

Jeffrey Harpham - Gym

Laura Shay - Gym and Health Teacher

Stephen DiPietro - Gym and Health Teacher

Jaime Wakefield - Health Teacher



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