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Welcome to the MacArthur School


MacArthur's PARCC Testing Schedule 

Important News from Mrs. Gately

?Letter from Superintendent Echelson


2014-15 Accountability Letter2014-15 Carta de Rendición de Cuentas

What Matters at MacArthur?

Effort Matters!


The Effort Video

Special Note: This video was written, acted, and filmed almost exclusively by 5th grade students. (It took a lot of EFFORT!)


Caring Matters! See what that means to our MacArthur 5th Graders.

Caring Video

MacArthur Matters is our School-Wide Character Development Program.

We believe that with Respect, Responsibility, Effort, Cooperation, and Caring that we can truly make MacArthur the Best Place to Learn.


Important Online Safety Message from WPS

WPS Media Release Form

WPS now has a media release form that will replace the checkbox at the bottom of the emergency cards. Because we’re seeing more interest in media sharing of what’s going on in our classrooms, we want to be sure we are crystal clear with parents and the community about the permissions and privacy associated with what (and when) we post online.

English Online Form

formulario en línea español

Printable forms:

English Spanish Haitian Creole - Portuguese 


WPS Tech Forms Website

Important Information for All Parents and Volunteers

Please be advised that any and all persons employed by, contracting with or volunteering in the Waltham Public Schools are subject to a CORI report.  In addition, due to recent changes in Massachusetts State Law, all staff and chaperones are required to be fingerprinted per MA state law. For more information please view this document.  Adobe pdf document

Food Allergy Alert: As the new school year begins, we are reminding all parents that we have a number of students in our school who have life-threatening food allergies. As a result, we must remind you of the established policy that no food or candy of any kind should be sent to school to be shared or distributed to students in any classroom in grades K-5. We ask your cooperation and compliance with this policy.

Important Notice! Waltham Public Schools will have a new school lunch payment program for the 2015-16 school year.

Informational Flyer

To sign up for the new system click here: MySchoolBucks.com

To apply for Free and Reduced Lunches click here: Online Application


Dual Language Immersion Program

Click here for Program Information


MacArthur Calendar

District Calendar School Calendar in Adobe PDF document

A.L.I.C.E. Curriculum for Parental Review ⇒ K-3 ⇒ 4-5

MacArthur News

January 20th Newsletter

January 4th Newsletter

Holiday Concert Invite
December 7th Newsletter
November 12th Newsletter
October 27th Newsletter
Letter of Welcome
Past Newsletters

Reminder about Changes in Student Daily Dismissal plans:

We realize that at times it is necessary to make a change in how students are going home.  We ask that if you know that your child will be picked up rather than take the bus or vice versa, that you please notify the office as early in the day as possible.  The best procedure is to send a note to the teacher that day and the teacher will forward the note to the office to inform the secretary.  If that is not possible, please call Mrs. Santana as soon as you can to notify her of the change so she can inform the teacher.  Please make every effort to call before 2:00 p.m. In this way we are sure to be able to notify both the teacher and student of the dismissal change.

The office is very hectic at the end of the day and the earlier we are notified of dismissal changes, the smoother dismissal will be.  Also, please do not send an email to the teacher about dismissal changes.  Very often teachers are unable to check their email during the day as they are busy teaching.  When this happens and emails are not read, the school is unaware of the dismissal change.  Finally, please remember if you send another person to pick up your child, that person must be listed on your emergency form or we cannot release the child.  Also, please make sure the person picking up brings an ID so we can insure the person picking up is the person you authorized to do so. Thanks for your cooperation with this policy.

Parent drop-off and pick-up procedures:

If you are transporting your child to and/or from school by car, please follow the procedures outlined below:

For morning drop off:

  • Students who are being dropped off must exit their car using the passenger side door.  Drop-off on the driver’s side is extremely dangerous as a car may be attempting to pass by, possibly resulting in an injury to a student. 

  • The primary drop off is the parking area closest to Lincoln Street. Vehicles should pull up to the crosswalk to let students out so they can proceed safely through our crosswalks and into school.
  • When and if the primary parking/drop off area backs up onto Lincoln Street, students may be dropped off in the second parking area. Vehicles should stop just before the crosswalk to let students out, so vehicles don’t interfere with students crossing from the primary drop off area. Vehicles should not be dropping students off one, two, three or more car lengths away from the crosswalk. Also, please do not park in the second parking area, as it is designated for staff only.
  • Student should be dropped off as close to 8:25 as possible and no students should be arriving to school before 8:15. Outside supervision does not begin until 8:25 and students are let into the building at 8:35.
  • In good weather students will line up by grade level just outside the school entrance. During inclement or very cold weather, students will line up inside the school.

It is extremely important that students arrive to school on time! Children arriving in classrooms after 8:42am are marked tardy and must sign in at the office before going to their classroom. Parents are encouraged to say goodbye to their children outside of the building and should report to the office to sign in and request permission if they need to go to the classroom for any reason.

For afternoon pick up:

  • Students that are picked up from school are dismissed from class at 3 pm. and will arrive outside by 3:05.
  • Due to increase in students being transported by bus or van to MacArthur School, we are using the front entrance way for other dismissal purposes and parents are asked to wait outside for their child or children to arrive.
  • All parking should be in the parking lot closest to the Lincoln Street. Vehicles should not be parking in the staff parking lot or along exit or entrance ways. This presents a danger for cars and children alike.
  • Parents must get out of their vehicles to meet students who will be walked to the meeting area in between the staff parking area and the parent pick-up parking area (there are several black benches in this area). We will no longer hand off children right outside the school entrance.
  • Please take your time when pulling out of your parking spot. In an effort to save a few minutes, you may endanger a child or adult by leaving too quickly.





MacArthur Calendar

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